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Himachal Destinations Packages: There are a lot of places in Himachal that haven’t been touched by the normal tourist circuit and we can take you to these places to give you a unique experience in pristine surroundings. Just as we are responsible for the safety and comfort of our guests at these unexplored locations, we feel we are also responsible for the conservation of natural resources and environment of the region. So we maintain strict guidelines for our staff about not littering and expect our guests to do the same.

Although we also offer the standard packages of popular tourist destinations, our services are very customisation so you can create your own trip depending on your preference. If you want to explore the spiritual side of Himachal then you can handpick a package that includes visits to famous temples and monasteries. Or if you are the adventurous type you can opt for a plan that takes you to high snow clad peaks through beautiful trekking routes. You can get a bird’s eye view by paragliding over the mountains or you can feel the rush of the rivers with our rafting package. You have complete freedom to choose your own travel itinerary as you wish.

Awesome and Affordable Tour Packages

Budget travel has become a trend now and we understand that every traveller want to spend wisely when they pay for a service.

We take care that we convey information about weather condition and suggested clothing so that guests don’t face inconvenience in the cold weather. We have prepared ourselves well for unexpected situations like medical emergencies and natural occurrences so that we can avoid any overhead costs for our guests.

Reliable and Honest Tour Agency in Himachal Pradesh

With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we take complete care of your itinerary to ensure that you have a trouble free and pleasant experience in Himachal, which you can cherish for life.
The image of tourism in Himachal has gradually changed from an honest business to one that is doubtful. Now the usual perception about travel in Himachal is that tour guides and hotel touts swindle people out of money once they have bought the package. Taxi operators and hotels charge unfair rates if they are not pre-booked, especially during tourist season. We believe this is spoiling the image of Himachal as a travel destination and many tourists complain about difficulties they faced here. So Himachal Tours was formed with an intention of changing the negative image of Himachal and upholding our traditional values. You won’t feel cheated with us because we are an honest establishment that treats our guests like Gods when they are in the “Dev Bhumi”. We truly care about our guest’s comfort and safety so we pay special attention to them. You can rely on us because we have a dedicated team and an extensive network of service provides to make sure you have a glitch free tour.

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