Top 5 travel tools you need on your next trip

Travelling without a plan in mind and not having the right travel tools in our hands can be a stressful, expensive affair. Instead of taking home great travel memories, we can wind up getting rather frustrated with the mess of itineraries and routes in an unfamiliar place. What are the best places to see? what would be the shortest route to your hotel? These questions can become overwhelming pretty fast, especially after a tiring journey. So we have curated a list of some amazing travel tools that help you plan, organize and enjoy the perfect trip without stress. These travel tools made it to this list after comparing for quality and features, visual clarity of maps and routes, detailed information on points of interests, curated guides and hundreds of user reviews. Most of these travel tools are free but you can upgrade to the premium versions if you like.

Travel tools that result in lifelong travel memories


It calls itself the world’s smartest trip planner and it doesn’t disappoint. In a few simple steps, it creates a customized travel itinerary for you. Once you have entered a destination and the attractions you’d like to see, this smart travel tool automatically arranges the attractions on the best route. You can then edit and tweak your trip before sharing it with others. If you are in a new place and don’t know where you’d like to go, you can choose to go on trips that others have created on Triphobo. Originally called Jo Guru, this Indian startup re-branded itself as Triphobo because it doesn’t want to assume the position of an expert in the travel space. It prides itself on user generated content and realizes the contributions made by travellers. This is what makes it a great travel tool for planning your next trip because you can share a travel experience had by other people.

Google Maps

Undoubtedly one of the best travel tools out there,  Google maps is another reason why should have a gmail account if you don’t have one already. It makes planning a trip super easy with its custom editing feature right on the maps. Just like Photoshop, you can create three different layers with markers and routes on the same map depending upon the type of places you want to visit in a city. So you can have one layer for restaurants and pubs, another layer for attractions and still have one more layer to create a route for taking the road less travelled. Just like other good travel tools, Google maps lets you save, edit and share your custom maps. A useful hack I found recently lets you save a map for offline use. After zooming into an area on google map, just type “OK maps” in the search field, hit enter and the map currently being shown is automatically saved. So even if you run out of data or WiFi you can still use the saved map for your trip.


Roadtrippers is an excellent travel tool to find, visit (virtually before you even go there) and save all the places in your itinerary. One of the best rated road trip planning applications available, roadtrippers gives you a clear road map of your trip once you have chosen your starting point and destination,  hotels, attractions etc. Designed specifically to find the best road map for cars and bikes, it doesn’t accommodate bus routes. Someone who enjoys car travel knows how nice it is to have the freedom to just pull over anywhere you like. So while getting from point A to B on your map, you can get detailed and complete information of the best things to do on the way. Roadtrippers has added a ton of new features and it now lets you customize and decide how far off the beaten path you’re willing to go. The amount of filtering options available now are impressive. Say you just want to visit pubs and amusement parks on a route, the map can be filtered down to just these options with this precise travel tool. The roadtrippers community also has crowd sourced place page for every point of interest with a unique “Rad-o-Meter” that reflects the views of other roadtrippers.

Travel mindset

A travel tool for those with wanderlust, Travel mindset offers the real stories in travel. It creates unique vantages of people, places and cultures from established taste makers and presents them in a visually appealing format. It doesn’t just incorporate user generated content, it also collaborates with professional travellers and writers to share their stories when they visit a place. One of those inspiring travel tools that can help you find unique travel experiences, like visiting the most remote places to watch the sunset. The suggestions and insights written by travel partners on travel mindset show you an authentic view of a trip, down to the smallest detail. You can read out about some of the best trips around the world and find inspiration for your next trip. Overall a great travel tool to optimize your travel itinerary so you could pick the best routes and attractions as recommended by travel experts.

Google Translator and Duolingo

Find yourself in a new place often but don’t know the language? This is one of the biggest woes of travelling- not being able to talk to local people because you don’t understand each other. Suppose you just want to ask for direction in Spanish or Malayalam. At times like these it is essential to have a translation or language learning travel tool on your trips to another state or country. So the next time you find yourself listening to a language that sounds Greek, all you have to do is turn on voice translation and speak into your phone to translate entire sentences. Both these language learning programs are similar types of travel tools, I have clubbed them together because each has its own qualities that can be very useful for a traveller. While Google translate is great for on-the-fly instant translations in almost all languages, Duolingo is much better to learn a new language properly or brush up on a language you partially know. I would suggest you try out both Google translate and Duolingo to see which one works best for you. Having travel tools like these make your trips much more enjoyable and the locals can give you great tips when they see you make an effort to speak their language.

Whether you are travelling by land, water or air, having some great travel tools in your pocket is almost indispensable. If used correctly, they can save a lot of your time and money while giving you a fuller, more memorable trip without the undue stress of unplanned travelling. The above mentioned travel tools have worked great for me on my recent trips to Himachal Pradesh and Italy. I would love to know what resources you use, your recommendations and ideas on how you plan your trip so please do share with us.


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