How To Make Travel Memories Last Longer


Ask any avid traveller about the best part of their vacation and they will tell you that it were the travel memories more than anything else. Avid travellers or not, all of us cherish our precious travel memories and want them to last a lifetime. Even the anticipation of travelling is enough to give us a boost of happiness but we look for ways to keep alive the real experience and revive the happy moments at a later date. The actual travel experience, as amazing as it might be, lasts only a short time. We want to sustain those feelings of joy for longer. We want to do something different to save, share and preserve our travel memories for a long time. Fortunately there is not just one but many ways to do this. All we need to do is get creative and use some smart ideas to make our travel memories last longer

Buy things that you use everyday, not just souvenirs

Most people buy souvenirs on their vacations to preserve the travel memories of a place. Unfortunately these souvenirs end up becoming an eyesore pretty soon. A snow globe or another showpiece may have its novelty for a few days but it will soon see itself gathering dust or being forgotten in a closet after some time. On the other hand if you buy things that you can use everyday, you will be reminded of your trip each day. For example a coffee mug with an imprinted photograph of your loved ones on a vacation is something that will bring back fond travel memories every morning when you drink coffee. Try to buy things that are unique to a place. For instance, buying a wooden key-chain from Lakkar bazaar (Shimla, Himachal Pradesh) with your name engraved on it is a great way to recall the amazing time you had while travelling in Shimla. Some other examples include kitchen utensils, pens and clothing (Kullu Shawls in Himachal Pradesh for example). When you buy things that have a practical purpose in your daily life, the travel memories attached to that object are reinforced in your mind. So instead of buying the usual touristy souvenirs, buy things that are functional too if you want to tickle your travel memories.

Send yourself postcards from your travel destinations

Postcards are highly underappreciated in today’s digital era, but they are one of the most meaningful travel objects ever. Pick up postcards from different destinations on your travels and ask your family members to write something on them before mailing it to your home address. We often feel saddest when our vacation is over and we get back home to our usual life. What better way to  relive those joyful travel memories than a mailbox full of your own postcards from different places? You may have 100 pictures of your trip uploaded on Facebook and other social media platforms, but they will fade in comparison to the single handwritten postcard that you and your family sent home from that trip. These will make great additions to your Scrapbook too and will prove to be one of the most powerful anchors for recalling your travel memories.

 Make a scrapbook and travel memory boxes

There is nothing more personal and intimate than a good old scrapbook to remind you of your favorite travel memories. All of the seemingly ordinary things like travel tickets, foreign currency and even an old napkin with a phone number written on it will become utterly fascinating after a few months. Each object has a story attached to it, a story that will make an imprint on your memory for a long time. When you paste these travel paraphernalia on your scrapbook with handwritten notes and doodles, it will stimulate your visual memory and remind you of your trip and the sequence of events. The process of organizing these mementos you collected from different destinations is a small mind trip in itself, recalling pleasant travel memories and making them stick in your consciousness. If the things you carried along are too big for a scrapbook, you can make a travel box for each destination and save everything in that box. So each time you open a box that is labelled “Himachal Pradesh” or “Goa” etc, the items you brought from there will virtually transport you to that place, bringing all the travel memories flooding back.

Transform your photographs into a video or prints

You probably have hundreds, if not thousands of photographs from your travels saved on your phone and computer. How many of them will ever be seen again? Not many, because you will never have the time or the patience to go through Gigabytes of photos hidden in different folders. Even if you do manage to browse through thousands of photos, you will be exhausted by the ordeal itself, forget about reliving those travel memories. One smart way to get around this problem is to condense your photo media into a single video. You don’t need any special training to make a great video of your travel memories. You can make an amazing video in a few minutes with simple online tools such as videolicious and Masher. Another great idea is to make a video of your road trip, capturing a first-person account of  every moment on your journey with cameras such as GoPro Hero. If you have the budget you can even make aerial videos by attaching it to a drone to capture unparalleled views of a place from the air. In case you don’t want to go into the digital format at all, you can always get your favorites pictures printed and framed on a wall (or a t-shirt) to remind you of your travel experiences. Better still, you can get custom made fridge magnets imprinted with these photographs and you will see your travel memories come alive every time you reach for the fridge.

Start a travel blog

When you are in the middle of a trip, you feel like you will never forget about the places you visit and the people you meet along the way. But you will, and the smallest details that were once the fondest travel memories will escape your thoughts with time. Even the most vivid photos cannot capture a memory in a way that words can. The best way to keep those memories intact is to write about them in a blog, and believe me, starting your own blog is not so difficult these days. For starters, keep a notebook with you at all times and jot down anything you find interesting and worth remembering on your trip. This way not only are you recording the minutest memories of your trip, you are also sharing them with the world when you publish them on your blog. Upon reading this, the people will themselves feel like they are travelling to that place and will connect with you on a different level. All of these things will translate into an indelible mark on your travel memories that you can savour and share anytime with the world.

We know that the simple act of planning a holiday is a huge boost in happiness by itself. But it is not just the travelling experience that makes us happy, it is the travel memories that we take back with us that keep us in high spirits for years to come. We want to sustain the happy travel memories even after we arrive home from vacations. We want to have something that takes us back to that place, something that re-ignites those feelings of wanderlust and revives our precious travel memories. Everybody does the usual photo posting, check-ins and tagging on social media but it fails to evoke the same feelings we had on our travels. So the next time you want to save your travel memories, don’t just post stuff on Facebook and Instagram as it will only get buried under heaps of other content. Get creative, use these ideas and tools to personalize your travel memories in a way that you remember them for a long time to come. They say that travelling can give you a once in a lifetime experience, but what truly matters is how many of these travel memories can actually last a lifetime.

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